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WP Site Dynamo will create your awesome Website, help you Do It Yourself, or both.

Website Design

Work with us to present your message. We’ll create a Website designed to represent you, and to captivate your audience.

Website Development

Stability, Security and Maintenance features are built into every WordPress Website we create.

Technical Support

Keep your Website online with our prompt, friendly Website Tech Support and Maintenance Services.


Keep your audience’s interest with our written-to-order Articles, Advertising Copy, and Social Media Posts.


Graphic Design, Image Editing and Graphic Content Sourcing for your Website needs.


Our specialty is helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals using online technology. Just ask how we can help you!

Order the Website Package or Services just right for you.

The WP Site Dynamo Advantage

Our Website Packages range from WordPress installation, to Template Customization, to full Website Design services. Hire us for only the work or help you need. Regular customers enjoy our low minimum for hourly billing on tiny jobs and tech support.

Included With All Websites

We’ll set up your Website properly with security, backups, and cache. Save weeks of reading and guesswork at low cost.

Starter Website

We’ll properly install WordPress on your Web Host, install one Page, and help you get started. If you need further help, just get in touch.

Basic Website

We include our Starter Website, help you choose the best WordPress Theme for your purposes, and set up three Pages.

Customized Website

We’ll consult with you in detail to choose your WordPress Website Theme and Layout. We’ll customize your theme and upload 5 Pages of your content.

Professional Website

We’ll consult with you to identify your audience and online strategy. We’ll create an original Website with Color Palette, Fonts and Layout tailored to your purposes and audience.

How We’ll Create Your Website, And How Long It Will Take.

How Will We Create Your Website?

We create Websites in the stages described on this page. Our Professional Website Package includes all the stages of full Website creation. Our other Website Packages and Services are designed to fit nearly any project stage or budget. Just get in touch to see how we can help you.

How Long Will It Take To Create Your Website?

Professional Websites can take over six weeks to design and build. Customizing a professionally-designed WordPress Theme can speed the Design Stage. Have a look at the Project Stages on this page and our Website Package Prices.

First We’ll Consult Together

To create your awesome Website, we’ll start by learning about your work, your mission, and your public. Gaining and growing a Website audience starts with understanding your viewers and their experience.

You’ll Provide Your Content

To create your Website Layout and Design, we’ll need your content: Your text content, menu items, and images. Providing your Content, formatted per the needs of your Website Design, speeds the later Website Building Stage.

We’ll Present Designs For Your Consideration

Next we’ll suggest or create a design for your new Website, and see how you like it. When you’ve approved a Website design, we’ll build your awesome Website!

We’ll Create Your Website

Your content uploaded into your Website, with your chosen Design is … your completed Website! You’re Online now, so Hooray for you!

Website Creation Prices

Starter Website


Introductory Price $150

WordPress installed on your Web Host

WordPress Setup includes:
1 Premium Theme,
Backup, and Basic Plugins

15 Minute Q&A Consultation

Basic Website


Introductory Price $300

Includes Starter Website PLUS the additions below

Additional 45 Minute Design consultation

Content Installed:
Homepage, About Page, Contact Page, Header, Footer, 1 Menu

Customized Website


Introductory Price $550

Includes Basic Website PLUS the additions below

Additional 30 Minute Design Strategy Consultation

Additional Content Installed:
2 More Pages

Professional Website


Introductory Price $1100+

Original Website PLUS the additions below

Additional 2 Hour Design Strategy Consultation

Additional Content Installed:
Landing Page, Popup, and 1 More Page


Technical Support

Design, Graphics

Writing, Copywriting



15 Minute Minimum For Regular Customers

$35 Hourly

$25 Hourly Introductory Rate (10+ Hours)

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